Get from us the best range of Cotton Knitting Yarn, Ring Frame Yarn, Open End Yarn, Vortex Yarns, Knitted Greige Fabric, etc.

We, Nivas Exports-Fibres to Fabrics is the  Company Founded by a Textile Engineer Who has worked from Supervisor position to CEO  Position in Ginning, Spinning, Open End Units,Weaving & Knitting Factories, having excellent Exposures in Technical ,Marketing as Well as Commercial aspect in Yarn Manufacturing, Fabrics Manufacturing including Cotton Ginning activities for 20 Years. Founder of this Company has Started this NIVAS EXPORTS in  2011, as an Sourcing Company for  All  types of Yarn, Fabrics, Cotton and Textile Waste Materials etc for Domestic Buyers, Exporters & Importers Directly from Manufacturers.

Under The Guidence of The Team Founder, A team of Textile Technologists, Marketing Personnel,Inspection Staff Members, is well Established in all Textiles States of INDIA Like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andra, Telengana, Mahrashtra, Gujarat, Punjab etc, and being Exported From the Ports like Tuticorin, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai Nava Sheva, Mundra etc. As the Team's Engine is  Basically Textile Technologist, Sourcing Of Right Product for Right Customer based on End use of Product ,This Logic is helping the Buyer as well as Manufacturers helping to get Satisfaction at both the sides with respect to Quality, Price & Delivery in Time.And Fulfilling the Needs of Buyer's Buyers also

How Are We Different From Other Companies?
  • Basically Textile Engineer's  Team
  • Having Excellent Net Work of Technical & Commercial Team through out India 's Textiles products manufacturers
  • Directly Sourcing from Manufacturers
  • Able to Source from all Textile States of India
  • Sourcing of Right Product for Right Customer based on End Uses
  • Having Quality Team to ensure the Product Quality
  • Sourcing Desired, Nedded  Quality Products
  • At Affordable  Prices can be sourced
  • Excellency in After Sales Service

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